Custom Ecommerce Development

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[boldlab_core_section_title disable_title_break_words=”no” title_tag=”h6″ target=”” content_alignment=”center” title=”Great e-commerce is something more than just publishing your products online. This is a highly-competitive and ever dynamic ecosystem, where only the strongest survive. Cutting-edge e-commerce software solution is a tool that will grant you the competitive edge you need.”]
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[boldlab_core_section_title disable_title_break_words=”no” title_tag=”h6″ target=”” content_alignment=”center” title=”Creating a profitable eCommerce platform requires a customized approach. Each industry is different, the processes and customers’ habits are different. Integration with external services, stock software, or marketing tools – all this requires dedicated solutions. We know how to make eCommerce meet business goals, but also how to make it convenient to use and allow for business growth.”]
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[boldlab_core_section_title disable_title_break_words=”no” title_tag=”h6″ target=”” content_alignment=”center” title=”We create dedicated eCommerce solutions that are always tailored to business realities. We develop single stores as well as marketplace platforms. And all this in the modern and proven technology.”]
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[boldlab_core_section_title disable_title_break_words=”no” title_tag=”h6″ target=”” content_alignment=”center” title=”Communication between systems and data exchange is the key to business development. We integrate existing systems, create or use existing APIs and combine multiple platforms into one user environment.”]
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[boldlab_core_section_title disable_title_break_words=”no” title_tag=”h6″ target=”” content_alignment=”center” title=”Website performance and SEO optimization allow not only to build organic traffic but first of all to increase user satisfaction. Changes in performance can significantly increase the conversion rates in the online store.”]
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[boldlab_core_section_title disable_title_break_words=”no” title_tag=”h6″ target=”” content_alignment=”center” title=”Even the best technology is not enough. The key is to provide the best user experience to recognize their needs and deliver what they are looking for in a fast and convenient way.”]
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[boldlab_core_section_title disable_title_break_words=”no” title_tag=”h6″ target=”” content_alignment=”center” title=”There are many faces of modern e-commerce transactions. Different types of online business are related with diverse attributes and features. The key is to find a niche. Regardless which of the most popular kinds of e-commerce businesses works best for you, we’re happy to roll our sleeves up and start coding! Here’s a short dictionary of the most important concepts you should be familiar with:”]
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[boldlab_core_section_title disable_title_break_words=”no” title_tag=”h6″ target=”” content_alignment=”center” title=”Clearly the most popular type of online business, the synonym of “e-commerce”. Here one of the participants is a customer, who instead of shopping in a physical store, visits a website or a web app of the supplier and buys online.”]
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[boldlab_core_section_title disable_title_break_words=”no” title_tag=”h6″ target=”” content_alignment=”center” title=”In this case both parties to the transaction are businesses trading online. This often translates to bigger volumes and values available. This often involves e-services to support such transactions.”]
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[boldlab_core_section_title disable_title_break_words=”no” title_tag=”h6″ target=”” content_alignment=”center” title=”Multiple vendors, different brands, same platform – that’s the idea of an e-commerce marketplace. Instead of visiting many online shops, a customer can find everything in one place and make use of available tools facilitating comparison.”]
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